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SyleWe & Just Fashion Now

by - ponedjeljak, travnja 10, 2017

*Ovo je jedan od sponzorskih postova koje moram napisati na engleskom, tako da na brinete. Sljedeći postovi biti će pisani na hrvatskom*

Today I want to talk about this two brilliant sites. First one is StyleWe. They have such  beautyful dresses. Perfect for warm and sunny spring days. Most of them are perfect for everyday looks, when you want to feel flawless. Also they are some stunning formal dresses, ideal for upcoming prom. My personal favourites: 

Just fashion now, have a much better casual wear in my oppinion. But they pieces are on high fashion side and every fashion lover should have at least one of their clothing pieces. But I found specially pretty, their white dresses.

Have a great week ♥

Hanna ♥

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